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ProMical is a private Colombian company founded and managed by a family which for half a century has worked to be the leader in the lime industry and its by-products.

The products made by ProMical come from natural dolomitic rocks, located in Amalfi, northeast of Antioquia. We have our own abundant limestone deposits which give us independence and the security of being able to guarantee a steady supply, with increasing amounts, thus maintaining the proper provision for both our direct customers and our distributors.

For this reason, the company can obtain the type of limestone that covers the ranges of chemical graduation required in the current specifications and regulations and meet the physical and mineral exams, from the quarries to the final product.

We focus on medium and long-term business guided by sustainable growth and full control of the industrial process in all its phases and aspects. We design administrative strategies for monitoring and planning that meet the requirements of our customers and take into account the safe working conditions and well-being of the people who make up the productive gear which for five decades has made ProMical a leader in the manufacturing and sale of calcareous products.

We contribute to our country’s progress with the manufacturing and sale of hydrated lime, quicklime, bleaching lime, agricultural lime, fertilizers and soil amendments with the most modern processing and exploitation equipment.

Mechanical mixes are also made according to the needs of the customer.



To succeed for fifty years, ProMical has implemented in its business philosophy the best of the technology available for the production of lime, maintaining since its foundation a high level of quality that includes the rational use of resources, the application of security measures and productivity as fundamental pillars of the operation.

The constant updating and upgrading of our facilities places us at a privileged level which reinforces the knowledge and the experience in the industrial exploitation of limestone and its by-products.

Among the calcination klins we have state-of-the-art Italian technology that today puts us next to the world's largest companies and gives us expertise to optimize the results with the programming and adaptation of computer components generated by our proudly Colombian Engineers.

The versatility of the raw material and its applications in many everyday activities compels us to go as fast as the requirements of technical progress and to allocate the necessary resources to the acquisition of equipment and tools that optimize the consumption of energy and reduce the environmental impact to the maximum.

We have our workplace safety policies focused on the man and his entourage monitoring his activities with the best technology available today.

Modern and efficient programs often designed in ProMical, to improve the manufacturing conditions of our products, require capital investments in the elements to keep up with the pace of technological developments that lead not only our industrial evolution but the well-being of our employees and communities and the surroundings of our factories.

All processes and tools follow in the same way the careful and professional scrutiny of our engineers, who analyze materials according to strict rules and laboratory tests and are carried out to all on-site verification routines.

piedra caliza
fuerza laboral medellin

We understand that in order to bring quality products to the market, it is necessary to take due account of the different processes and operations that begin with the extraction of the raw material and the various treatment steps for the manufacturing, to the packaging and distribution, ensuring the uniform and high quality delivery of our products. We are able to produce up to 2000 tons month by month and always meet customer deadlines.

This is true leadership.

We design realistic growth and investment plans that always take into account the capacity of our limestone sources, infrastructure and levels of production and sale, plus the availability of personnel, where quality and stability criteria, as well as the environment are above economic and commercial interests and that is where our leadership also lies.

In the elaboration of its products, ProMical uses the most modern procedures and equipment, counting on installations endowed with an excellent human group that is governed by strict internal directives and national and international quality rules.

ProMical has its administrative headquarters in the Itagüí plant, metropolitan area of Medellín, and the calcination plants in the municipalities of Amalfi and Rio Claro in Antioquia.

Products with the ProMical Seal are sold directly or in multiple cities of the country through an extensive network of wholesale distributors, with whom we have created a close business relationship that integrates trust, cooperation and economic benefit.

Our goal, successfully achieved in these fifty years, has been to be the first ones: ProMical products have higher quality and support than their counterparts and we know that we are the best, because we seek excellence in all stages of development and achievement, thanks to cutting-edge technology tools and our corporate culture, which is based on the commitment to efficiency and growth that goes hand in hand with national and international standards and regulations.



ProMical human capital in its fields, plants and offices is a heterogeneous group that shares values and beliefs and is committed to the high demands of industry and our clients.

The talent and energy they bring on a daily basis make the difference from our competitors. Their strength and dedication are framed in a strong organizational culture and identity belonging which facilitate learning and teamwork, while solving problems and achieving goals.

We know that they are our greatest value and strive to provide them with opportunities to develop skills and abilities in a safe and comfortable environment with tools and technology that facilitate and automate optimal processes and facilities where they are protected from accidents and maintain good health. To reach their potential through training and training programs.

Fifty years of ProMical activity generating jobs with fair wages that provide our employees with quality of life and motivation to offer our customers the best products and an exemplary service to guarantee their well-being and generate profits for the company.

100 exceptional men and women with a high level of performance, human and competitive quality who are looking for a better future combining their capacities with the goodness of mother nature to whom we thank for obtaining the raw material and carry out strategies of sustainability that take care of the planet.


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